Need Advice On Replacing Rear Speakers

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Kevo, Mar 7, 2005.

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    I have a 5.1 set up using Whafedale Diamond 7.1s for the front and (monopole) IVs for the rear, side on.

    I'm thinking of replacing the rears with bipole (pref Wharfedales DFS) but as usual there are physical restrictions.

    My seating position is against the back wall so no room for them to go behind.

    I can't have them side on (where my current ones are) because the width of the WD bipolars is longer and I have only 7" from one side of the back wall and then I have the door. I think the new ones will be about 12" wide.

    So my options are.....

    • Use a different brand bipolar that is smaller and that will fit in the 7" gap.

      Use Wharfedales on the back wall. They will in effect be above the listening position.

      Use Wharfedales at a 45 deg angle in the corners joining the back wall and side wall.

      Stick with my current monoploes (which are side on in the back corners)

    Which will give me the best rear effect bearing in mind they will be right in the corners?


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