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Need advice on replacing one box home cinema set up


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Hi, just managed to convince the wife that we needed to upgrade our tv, dvd home cinema system. We picked the tv pretty easily went for the sony kdl55w905 at currys for £1199 but trying to find a decent sound set up to complent the tv and her taste is a nightmare, we currently have a samsung all in one system which i've always hated, so im now looking at going the whole hog and get myself a decent set of 5.1 speakers and amp, I also dont mind going 2.1 and adding as i go along, second hand doesnt bother us either. The living room is 5.63 x 5.15m and as we're going to be redecorating before the tv goes up hiding cables and set up is pretty much open for now. I'm hoping to connect the sky hd, wii u, ps4 and 360 up with as little fuss as possible, i'm also hoping to add an hd projector around xmas time, the budget doesnt allow for this just now which would have been ideal i know but i'd rather get the sound right first no point having something we cant fully appreciate. Looking to spend anything upto £300 - £450 for the amp, speakers and sub if possible. Our uses are going to be tv, gaming, movies and music. I think one of the main reasons we're struggling to decide is our daughter has autism so we're constantly thinking will she knock them over, push in the speaker cones in as she loves music so i know she'll constantly be at them touching them, knocking into them, i think thats why we have kept the tall boy home cinema set up for so long as theyre out of her reach and quite hard to knock over due to the base on them. This turned into quite the read so thanks for bearing with me and any help or nods in the right direction will be gratefull


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I'm going to be rude, and I'm sorry that I'm going to be rude but ...

You have ~£1200 for a new TV, you have wii, PS4, Xbox 360. plus you are planning to add a projection screen and projector. You want to cover the range of TV, Gaming, Movies, and Music

But you only have £300 to £450 for AV Receivers, 5.1 Speaker Package, and a Sub?

That is the price range in which I would typically recommend JUST an AV Receiver.

Yes, you can probably get a package in your stated price range, but it is probably not going to be much better than the All-In-One system you have now. If that is the extent of your budget, then we can certainly work with that. Just don't expect miracles; you get what you pay for.

As to your autistic child, I think a system can accommodate that as well. But at the low price you are quoting, probably the best you can do is another One-Box system.

If you can revise your budget a bit, you can get a pretty nice system. If you can revise your budget a lot, though not crazy excessive, you can get a really nice system that takes into account your special circumstances.

But at your current budget, the range of options and the level of success are limited.



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Thanks for the replies guys, the budget is completly down to the wife, I'm getting round her slowly with my arguement that I'd rather do it right instead of half arsed as it will be cheaper in the long run. I'm currently debating on keeping with the all in one for now and see how funds are after next pay day and can maybe stretch the budget another £200 or more hopefully, I would rather wait and get it right if i'm honest.

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Regarding your wife, you don't want to pay £400 for a system that does not get the job done. Again, it doesn't seem to be a matter of money, as you have money for other things. Now, understandable that you don't want to spend fortune on a sound system. But neither do you want to do it TWICE.

Here is a link to Exceptional AV which has some very good deals on amp/speaker packages. You will find packages here similar to those found in the link provided by Spyder Viewer.

Hand Picked Bundles - Home Cinema

If this were strictly for movie/TV watching, a small compact 5.1 would be OK. But your demand seem to be greater than simply movies.

The two compact speaker packages favored by Exceptional AV are the Tannoy HTS-101 and the Wharfedale DX1. I'm sure as small low cost speakers go, these are fine.

I would personally recommend nothing less than the Yamaha RX-V475. The price difference between the models is not so much power, but features and quality. The Yamaha 475 is the smallest model to include Network Streaming which gives you access to audio files that are stored on your computer, and to Internet Radio. Just the Internet Radio alone is a feature worth having as Internet Radio is infinitely more versatile and diversified compared to broadcast radio.

Generally the lowest AV Receiver I would recommend (using Yamaha as an example) would be the Yamaha 675 or possibly 673. These were originally around £500, but recently I've seen them on sale for closer to ~£300.

The Yamaha 475 + Tannoy 101 is £579/set.

The Yamaha 675 + Wharfedale DX1 is about £619/set.

Systems like this are about the best you can do any where near your budget.

You should find similar bundles with the Denon AVR-X1000 and Denon AVR-X2000 models as well as others.

If you can find away to incorporate them into your room, the very nice Q Acoustic 2000i 5.1 system would be much better for music.

Yamaha RX-V675 w/ Q Acoustics 2000i (5.1)

Though admittedly, it is double your stated budget.

Wharfedale DX1 speaker system review (Sound and Vision Top Pick)

Wharfedale DX-1 HCP Speaker System | Sound & Vision

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