Need advice on new digital camera!


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First off hi all as this is first post in camera forums.Anyroads im in the hunt for a new camera to replace my powershotA80.I am far from experienced in the use of camera's and mainly used my old one for holidays/football/family functions.
Im looking for a small/smallish:D camera that will be good for all of the above and also be a little advanced compared to competitor's.
I am looking to spend 300 quid max and willing to wait month or so if some grounbreaking efforts are around the corner:thumbsup:
I know this question has probably been asked a thousand times(i can hear the groans)but all help would be fantastic.


A few suggestions:

Canon SX100 IS, SD 970 IS or A720 IS.
Sony DSC-H50
Panasonic TZ5
Fuji Finepix F100 fd
Ricoh R8
Kodak Z8612 IS

There are far too many models to choose from. For £300.00, you are in DSLR territory. You don't mention what features you need, such as: optical zoom length, image stabilisation etc.

Why a small camera? There are other alternatives, but if you could narrow the field down a bit more please in terms of specification, features etc..

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