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We have the need for a HDMI over Cat5/6 solution now that we have a new Satellite box (HDMI out only) to replace our old Technomate receiver which is used to watch Polish TV channels on Cyfra+/NC+.

The current Technomate Satellite is connected to the AV Amp in the lounge via component and also via composite (I think!?) to a second TV in the bedroom. We also have a Magic Eye (using a multiroom skybox upstairs) to enable the channels to be changed when watching the upstairs TV.

We are looking for the same functionality (i.e to be able to watch the Polish TV channels in HD 1080P) in both the lounge and the bedroom. The new satellite box only has a single HDMI out.

I'm guessing that I'll need the following kit, but would appreciate advice from you on which makes/models I should look into and whether I've missed anything out:

1. A HDMI splitter (to split the single HDMI out of the Satellite box, into two signals)
2. A HDMI transmitter and receiver with IR control functionality (so the channels can be changed in the bedroom)
3. Cat5 or Cat6 cable (one would be preferable over a pair as the cables will go through the cavity/outside wall)
4. Anything else?

I didn't win the Lotto last week, so price is definitely a consideration! :)

Thanks in advance for your suggestions,
Your list is correct

We would recommend a HDBaseT Single Cat6 extender pair £199+VAT, 2 way splitter £35+VAT and then the Cat6 cable £1 per metre for us to make up the cable.



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I was really hoping for a little less outlay than that, does anyone else have some suggestions for kit?
There are cheaper HDBaseT devices out there but dont have all the same features such as POE. We may have an ex demo one will look tomorrow

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