Need advice on HDMI DVD player!



Doe's anyone have the new HDMI DVD players that are availible at the moment? I've just purchased the PHILIPS 42PF7520D which is HD ready! I've also bought the PHILIPS HTS3500S home cinema system! I'm thinking about returning this and buying a HDMI DVD player! Any advice? Doe's the HDMI DVD player make much of a difference in viewing? What do you think? Please advise me as i know little! :lease:

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I've just bought the LG HDMI dvd player, but I have no screen to connect it to yet.


Best off in the DVD player section, but anyway.

I bought a Samsung 950 just to see and its no-where near as good as a Pioneer 575 connected by s-video.

You have to spend££££ to get real quality (unless you sdi).


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From what I've been reading theres not much noticeable difference between a HDMI fed picture and a good component setup that can handle HD material.

I'm probably going to get the Denon 1920 unless there are any major issues with it and will have the ability to test both outputs on it.


I've got an HDMI player (Arcam DV79) and the picture via HDMI is spot on.... Totally faultless.... Best I have seen from any connection. An added bonus is the tidier and smaller cabling.....


I agree - purchased a samsung 850 for £100. HDMI PQ is worse than on component from Toshiba 330. I guess you do have to pay for quality. I thought maybe spending extra to replace the free hdmi cable supplied with the 850 but you've got to stop at some point, especially with blu-ray coming next year.

As i understand it so long as you have a progressive component I/O and hdtv, the picture quality should be the same from component and hdmi - hdmi merely adds the sound (a modern day scart). Why bother if your already outputting sound to a 5.1 receiver.

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