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Need advice on buying 1st mp3 player!


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Hello People,
I plan to buy my first mp3 player and seem to be too many choices i thought there was just the ipod! I have looked at the Zen creative mosiac that looks good enough for my needs but not sure of sound quality. I basically need the player for:
1. To copy my CD's to the mp3 player.
2. Connect to a set of speakers as I will only use it in the house not jogging!
I wonder if I can buy a player for £100 or less but invest in some better speakers so we plan to use as a home stereo if see what I mean, as I have seen a friend use his Ipod in his house with speakers and that semed to work fine. I plan to visit a shop as well if I can for advice but always of salespeople!

Thanks for advice


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if you're just looking to buy an mp3 player to hook up to a sound system you might want to look at the new 160GB or older 120GB Ipod Classic (will pretty much store all your CDs at hight quality) and get something like an Itube Fatman Amp & Dock (can be had for £129 at Superfi) and then get a decent pair of speakers

The Creative Zens are a nice range of players (owned the original Zen which was great), great sound quality but storage space compared with price became an issue. Im not a huge fan of Ipod but will be getting the 160GB classic myself today.

how many CDs are you looking at storing?


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I dont want to store all my CD's necessarily, just most common ones so could be 50 or so for now. So I think the classic will be overkill for me. Also sound system will be for personal use in home not parties etc.


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First time poster here! I was in a similar position to you! My sister picked up a Sansa (Sandisk's MP3 player) Fuse 4gb and i had a quick go on it. Being a dedicated Apple user (Iphone, Macbook, etc) i was suprised by its ease of use, plus the introduction of the memory card means you can increase the capacity by 4,8,16gb! I'm not too familiar with other Mp3's E.g. Creative, but i would recommend the Sansa Fuse if you don't fancy the generic Ipod - that everyone has! Saying that, i still stick to my ipod - if it aint broke dont fix it!


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Have A look at the sony s639 picked up the 16 gig one from amazon for less than 80 quid several mo0nths ago, believe itsat a similar price in argos now. The sound quality with supplied earphones is really fantastic. it will take wma, mp3 and aac so anything you've gotten from itunes will work with it. Video playback as well compatible with iplayer out of the box( I wouldn't use it for film. but half hour programmes fit the bill). interface pretty easy to ive with (unlike the cr*ppy touch control samsung use).

Never liked itunes and the way apple trreat you and music you've bought. The sony plugs right into wmp and sync via drag and drop easy
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The sansa fuse looks pretty good an what I am looking for but not sure if I can get a set of speakers to fit! I will also look at the Sony S639 as well.

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