Need advice on a replacing PC


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My desktop PC is old (2006) and has served me well but with my kids now needing a faster PC thats able to do a bit a of media work, I'm looking to relegate the old PC to the bedroom.

So, with a budget of, no more than £450, (don't need a monitor) would any of these PCs be good VFM?

Dedicated graphics card be better with media?

Buy HP P6-2115EA | DESKTOP PC - Computer Base Units | Comet

Better spec

Buy ASUS CM6730-UK002O | DESKTOP PC - Computer Base Units | Comet

I can only buy from Comet or John lewis as I have a voucher card from my business. The JL PCs look expensive for the spec.

Any guidance appreciated:smashin:


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Dedicated graphics card be better with media?

'media work' could cover a whole host of things from watching video, through photo editing to 3d modelling. Some fields will benefit from a faster graphics processor, others won't and others may get some benefit if the specific program you're using supports taking advantage of the graphics card's processor.

Can you give any more specific idea of what you're after? Are we talking internet colouring books and episodes of spongebob squarepants or media studies using sony vegas and graphic design using photoshop elements?

Neither of those systems have dedicated graphics though, the 'Radeon 6410D' is what the graphics integrated into the A4 chip are called.


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Thanks. Mu son needs it for photoshop work and video editing. Does need to be reasonably fast and smooth.

Cheeky b:eek::eek::eek::eek:s for them suggesting the graphics card was dedicated!


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The second one you listed is in a different league to the first one, i5 is a decent CPU. The first machine is pretty crap, probably worth about £200 if you built it yourself

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