Need Advice on a Proposed Setup in London

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by sainthalo, Jan 10, 2003.

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    Hi All, I'm planning a self install system. The only place I can get a clear view south is on the roof. There is already a CT100 sat coax lead running down from an FM aerial and I plan to use that. I plan to install a satellite dish on the chimney (flat roof so hopefully easy peasy!).

    I want to get as wide a range of channel content as possible but the sky digital stuff is not really required as I have DTT and would rather focus the dish elsewhere for free channels. Really considering other satellites like Hotbird, Hispasat etc. I plan to use my PC as the receiver with some good software. I dont have a dish or receiver.


    1) Which satellite should I be pointing at for the best range of content? If I point to hotbird 13E will I get all 6 hotbirds? Ive checked Lyngsat but I dont know what most of the channels are and if they are any good....

    2) I have only one coax coming down and am not able to add another coax lead. Is there a LNB (eg monoblock?) which can let me feed two satellites into one coax lead?

    3) Can a motorised setup be controlled by a PC card like skystar2 or twinham?

    4) What size dish is IN REALITY needed for north london? I dont want the chimney to fall down (strong winds - top of hill) so I can only use a mesh dish of reasonable size...


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