Need advice on a good used DVD player (Pioneer BDP LX-91?)


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Hi guys,

New member here. I am well-experienced in higher-end audio, and have owned a variety of systems over several decades. I run my current DVD player audio out through my vintage Accuphase E-303x, and the audio is just fine. When it comes to video, though, the Cary DVD-6 that I have owned for many years, and has served me well, appears to have reached the point of being significantly outdated, and so the time has come for an upgrade to a more up-to-date player.

I have been using the component video outputs on the Cary, as that is the only viable option. This worked sufficiently on my previous Samsung TV monitor, but I have just upgraded to a Panasonic TX-50DX730E, and the video is clearly not functioning anywhere near the potential of the monitor.

As much as I know about audio, I admit to having very limited knowledge of the video side. Before I left the U.S. (two years ago), I was using the last of the Sony Flagship CRTs, and was always pleased with the results. LEDs, though, are relatively new to me.

I understand that the Panasonic is "mid-range" in their lineup, but I would prefer to keep it and find a high-quality, compatible DVD player, unless anyone can convince me that there is a much better choice (including LG and Sumsung) in the price range.

So, based on that premise, and as I am used to finding value in high-quality used equipment, I searched my local classifieds and found a Pioneer BDP LX-91 for sale. While obviously several years old, from the research I have done, it seems to have been a fine player that would likely compare favorably with newer units. It is reportedly in mint condition, and the whole optical drive unit was replaced by Pioneer at some point because the DVD laser had failed. I can buy the unit for around $400.

My understanding is that this unit would be a serious upgrade from the Cary, and that it would be far more flexible in terms of both video output connections, and the ability to fine tune the video.

My questions, then, are whether this sounds like a good upgrade path, or whether there are other brands/models that I should consider as alternatives. Also, while obviously a very basic question, is the HDMI connection clearly preferable to a component connection? I have done some research, but am not yet clear on that issue.

Any insights that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Tony, i have a bdp lx71 in mint condition ,hardly used ,with origonal packaging for sale if your interested.


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Not that anyone is likely to be interested, but I bought the Pioneer, and the quality of the image is outstanding, even for regular DVD (upscaled to 720). The interface is clunky, and the remote is not very well designed, but I can live with those trivialities.

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