Need advice on a buying a projector for exhibitions


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I need advice on what projector to buy

OK, I know that's like asking how long a piece of string is!

My usage: at exhibitions, projecting onto a transparent rear projection screen (and maybe some home cinema - but this isn't important at all)
Given my intended usage, what's the most important consideration for me?
Is it the ANSI? i.e. because I am projecting onto a transparent screen?

Otherwise, from what I know: replacing lightbulbs is the biggest consideration?

What makes of projectors have cheaper long lasting bulbs?
(I assumed one or 2 manufaturers would have a better reputation than others)

In ALL of the places where I have looked: they DON'T seem to advertise the bulbs as well as the projector

2 fears:

1. Buying a projector and finding that replacements bulbs cost £99999!

2. Buying a projector and finding that I can't buy replacements bulbs!

Can someone comment on this...?

Also something else to consider: a lot of the projectors come with a 3 year warranty while others don't.
I'd rather buy one with 3 years warranty.
Or are there some makes which come with a 1 year warranty that have a much better reputation than others regardless?
(I've found that InFocus projectors all come with a 1 year warranty?)

Other considerations:

ANSI - the higher the better obviously?
But if my projections are going to be mainly short range, is there a danger that getting something tooo bright might not be good for me?

Lamp life - other than not using and using economical, are there any other things that I could do to get more life?
Are there any makes that are more robust than others?

Resolution, most of projectors I've seen are 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768
The more expensive ones have higher resolutions
Anything I need to consider with regards this?

HD - how important is this?

Sound levels? I can't remember where I read, but I think I'm right in saying that some projectors can be really loud?

Contrast ratio, i.e. 1400:1
I have to admit, I'm not entirely sure what this measurement is?
I've seen some that are 500:1 - are these less quality than higher ratio ones?
What is this measurement?

Are there any makes that are generally good brand names for projectors?

Like Epson? InFocus? Benq?

I was considering the following item: Sony VPL-EX5 Entry Level XGA (1024x768) Data/video Projector With Brightera Inorganic Panels 2000 Ansi Lumens 900:1 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty - Ebuyer

The reasons for this:

1. It's the second cheapest 1024 x 768 resolution I have found + it's Sony

2. It comes with a 5 year warranty (does this include the bulb? it doesn't say that it doesn't?)

Is this one a good choice?


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