Need advice on 32" screen



Need a new HD compatability living room tv which will be connected to DVB-t through a media centre (probably via DVI). 32inch or maybe slightly bigger

Budjet will probably be £800 ish including vat.... But if significant improvements are available i could probably stretch to £1000 ish.

picture quality is probably the main consideration as i think i will probably get seperate speakers.

Any advice on what manufacturers / ranges to go form / avoid would be great.

in addition to HD compatable anything else i should be looking for???


Popped into comet and the sales guy recommed panasonic Viera was the way to go for image quality. Is this correct or is this what he would like to sell me??

Anyway £1100 for 32" is a big too much for my budget


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Don't need to spend that much.

If you are going to connect using MCE, and you are using DVI, there are several things to consider.

1. You want to run the desktop at or close to the panel's native resolution (which is 1366x768)
2. That the screen supports 1:1 pixel mapping, i.e. overscan is disabled (so what you pump out from your PC is what you see on the screen, and you don't get the borders sheared off)
3. That the screen supports 50Hz refresh rate (PAL is 50Hz for both DVD and DVB-t, running it at 60Hz will cause stuttering)

One of the screens that is perfect for these requirements is the Hyundai Q321 (£600). I've hooked mine up, and with powerstrip managed to get the desktop to run at 1360x768 @ 50Hz. Although this resolution doesn't quite match up to the panel's native resolution it's close enough, and thankfully the panel does not overscan the image. Picture quality is superb, on par with the main players (which have HDMI rather than DVI). The set is a future proof as can be, as it's DVI socket is HDCP enabled.
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