Need advice [JVC/Sky/Sony setup]



Hi folks,

First post on these forums, wasn't entirely sure where to put this so apologies it it's in the wrong place.

I have a JVC 28" AV-28T5SK TV with three scart sockets, two of which support S-Video. So I effectivly have Ext1 (non S-Video scart), Ext & Ext3 (S-Video scarts) and Ext4 which are the R & L phono connections.

Secondly, I have a standard Sky decode box, with two scart sockets and R&L phono connections.

Third, I have a Sony DAZ-DX100 Home Theatre system, the DVD player has a single scart socket, with no R&L phono connections.

My problem is, I need to be able route all of the audio via the home theatre system, meaning I'll be able to utilise the surround sound speaker setup regardless of whether I'm watching Sky or a DVD.

Unfortunately, my area of expertise is computing, and not AV. ;)

Can anyone help me out?

I'm assuming that in addition to having everything connected up properly, I'll also have to configure the output from the TV via the setup?




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Rocketdave - are you sure that it is not the Sony DAV-DZ100 Home Theatre system?
It does have audio L R connections.
Please check and post.

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