Question Need advice for noise cancellation earmuffs


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Hi all,

I am looking for a solution to cancel noise as much as possible, because I need to be able to focus close to loud construction work.

I can see expensive noise cancelling headphones on amazon, but I suspect they are expensive because of the sound quality of the speakers. I do not need high speaker quality, simple headphones are good enough for me. However, I will pay to have the best noise reduction possible.

I would also buy earmuffs with no speakers at all, and simply slide my wired earphones inside them, that would work for me, but I can't find earmuffs that are with active noise cancellation.

Any pointer for me please? With links to amazon UK would be amazing.



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Thanks, I'll look into that. I've read that active noise cancelling headphones are not good for sudden sound, because they first need to record the sound, and then play back the opposite wave, so there is a little bit of latency associated with that. What did you find?


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I shoot .50cal these work fine, trust me. Absolutely ZERO latency.

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