Need advice for multi-room / zone setup


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Before I ask my question, here is my current setup:
  • Denon x3300
  • Teufel Motiv 3 (5.1 system)
  • 2 Polk Audio atmos speakers

I would like to bring the sound which is played in my living room to my kitchen. When I'm cooking and still want to listen to the music or follow a soccer game, I currently need to increase the volume in my living room so I can hear something from my kitchen.... far from ideal :-(.

I'm also planning to change the speakers I have in my living room by some other ones, so I could maybe use 2 of the current one (Teufel motiv) in the kitchen, but as they're not wireless there's maybe a simpler solution.

What would be the best solution? The AVR I have don't have HEOS built-in, and what I understood of those streaming solution (airplay2, heos, bluesound) is that it would not work if I'm watching a soccer game right (as I'm watching those from a shield pro, as almost all other content btw)?

So at the end I'm not sure about the solution I have to be able to play a sound from my shield to my living room & kitchen at the same time (sound should be perfectly in sync!!! very important!). Distance between my living room & kitchen (cable wise) would be something like ~30m.

Thanks for your advices.

Joe Fernand

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As is often the case with how AVR's handle a second, third or fourth Zone your AVRX-3300 come's with a few limitations.

Assuming you stick with a 5.1 system in the Main Zone you can use the additional 'assignable' loudspeaker outlets to power a pair of wired speakers in Zone 2 - however that means listening to a different Source in Zone 2 or ensuring the Source being listened to in the Main Zone is set/limited/down-mixed to stereo PCM (2.0) when you wish to simultaneously listen in Zone 2.

The AVR does have a Zone 2 Line out which you could connect a Wireless Transmitter to and send signals to a matching Receiver device powering passive speakers in Zone 2.

If you want 'perfect' sync you are always best to consider a wired solution as any form of wireless solution has the capability to add delay to teh signal as it is processed through the wireless kit.



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thx Joe for your reply.

As all channels are already taken, I'm running 7.1 (atmos setup) in the main area. I will need to upgrade my receiver to at least a 9.2, so I can use 2 channels in the kitchen (+ maybe a sub).

But if I upgrade my receiver, I will have heos (& also airplay 2) available, so don't know if it's changing the equation.

+ do you think 30m of audio cable is still ok?

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