Need advice: 77c1 2200€ vs 77a80j 2600€ vs 65a90j 2200€


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Hi there

Im looking for a new TV and would like some advice from you guys. My budget is 2-3k €. I have only seen demo videos of each mentioned tv in a store. The a90j and the 77a80j were really impressive, while the 65 a80j looked like garbage and the c1 was OK. But its hard to make a judgment, because the environment i saw them in really sucked.
  • Mostly watching 4k movies, streaming and sports.
  • I use a nvidia shield pro
  • Distance to tv: 4m (13 feet)
  • Sound is not important, I own a solid 2.1 set
  • I probably wont need it for gaming at all or just occasionally
  • Will wall mount the tv

Current prices are:
77 c1 2200€
77 a80j 2600€
65 a90j 2200€

The prices seem to be really good at the moment. What would you chose between these 3 at these prices? Or should I consider waiting a little longer for the prices of the new models to drop?


Sloppy Bob

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The new models won't drop to near these prices until this time next year. The cycle of discounts on TVs is pretty much the same every year, with the best time to buy being around Spring for last years models.
There probably will be some slightly better discounts to be had yet, but the longer you leave it, the more the chance of stock running out.

As to which TV.

Much as the A90 is the best out of them, I wouldn't drop down to a 65" to get one. The 65"A80 has a matt panel on it, whereas the 77" doesn't.
The Sony has better motion handling but the C1 isn't a poor relation.

Personally, I'd be inclined to go for the Sony but not sure I would be happy paying an extra €400 for it. If you're prepared to wait and gamble for another month or 2, there may be a slightly better deal on both of them, but it might not be much of a saving. Larger TV models don't usually see the same level of discount as 65" and under.


Probably go for the 77" A80J if you want better motion but the C1 is no slouch and in some ways is the better TV despite being cheaper.

Main reason to go for the A90J is for the sound system. It also has a heatsink and can produce brighter highlights but its not worth dropping down to 65" for.

Not worth even judging TVs in a showroom. They won't look anything like they will in your home.

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