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Hi all child no 1 has managed to crack the screen on our 55" MU7000 now we do have insurance but with it being bank holiday and covid 19 problems we've been told it could take a few weeks to sort out !! There is no way I can go without a tv with 2 kids for that long !!!

So looking for a TVs now we sit head on in a room that has lamps on and hue light strip on the back of the TV we watch SkyQ but only the basic package and use a Now tv stick for the kids channels no gaming or other streaming services

If we could get a bigger TVs that would be great budget is £750 I have seen a 70" lg at Argos for £649 plus I get a further 8% off

Any help or advice


this same size but will be a better quality tv


pretty much any other tv is going be a downgrade


hear is another tv I would save up for better quality


You should consider size versus quality, especially where HDR is concerned. If you want a direct replacement to your current TV you are looking at the Samsung 65RU8000 or Hisense 65U8B if you can still find them, failing that the Samsung 65Q60R.

However these TVs are not good TVs to be used with HDR, and since the future of TV video is with HDR you may think its more important to search for a TV with adequate HDR capabilities than these. If that is the case you need to think of the Sony XF9005 or Samsung Q70R already mentioned, minimum.

Avoid 70" TVs as they are all lower spec than your current model. If you go for the 75" Q60R it will be similar to your current TV but very expensive. Of course the no compromise route puts you vastly over budget and that would be the 75" Q70R.

Think about what you watch on the TV and whether you will use HDR or not. If you are confident to avoid it, then its fine buying another model similar in spec to your current TV. If you don't think you can avoid it, the advice given to go for the 55" Q70R or XF9005 is best.

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