Need a surround sound setup for £300! Help!


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I have around £300 to spend on a surround sound speaker setup.
Dont know much about speakers and amps...

Would like to have an Amp, that has:-
Coax - for my DVD player
2 Optical Connections : for Freecom MediaPlayer and my PC.
3.5mm input jack (is that possible?) - for Ipod

I am also going to be buying an upscalling dvd player with HDMI, to replace other dvd player. So do i need HDMI on the amp?

Thanks in advance


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i have had a look.
Just after some advice, as i do not know enough about them. and on the specs, i cant find anything about the inputs.


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My suggestion would be
to go to one of the large electrical stores Currys, Comet etc.
Ask the questions which you have posed post regarding connectivity. (DO NOT BUY AT THIS POINT)
Once you've got a list of "surround sound setup" do a search in this forum to get an idea as to suitability.
Ask questions if necessary on specific models you're interested in.
Finally price check.

The problem with asking your initial question here is there are a few models which may suit your needs. A little research at Comet etc, could help in narrowing your choices.

Hope this helps:)


ps I'm not advocating buying from these stores as the prices can be somewhat uncompetitive. Furthermore check that the models are current.

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