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Need a support for a screen...can anybody help please?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by Family Guy, May 25, 2003.

  1. Family Guy

    Family Guy

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    Hi! First visit to the DIY section after over 2 years of membership...wonder what else there is to see....:rolleyes:

    Anyway, to the point. I am currently serving in the forces (as if you didn't know) and live in married quarters. This means I can't damage the house in any way shape or form. Problem is, I have managed to pick up a PJ from the classifieds and a very good friend of mine has GIVEN me a 6ft motorised screen. The trouble is, I can't fix the screen to the ceiling.

    What I am after is a frame type affair that would fit around my current TV stand, which has all my av gear on it as well, with the screen bolted to a top crossbar that hangs out a couple of inches further than my TV screen. The PJ screen will then drop nicely in front of the TV for major screenings.

    I have waited a long time to get myself a PJ and don't really want the occasion spoilt by the fact I cant hang a screen. I've seen some nice work carried out by people on these forums and was wondering if someone could help me out and knock up this simple frame for me....:smashin:

    I'm in no hurry - I don't collect the PJ until around about July 7th and the screen I am getting next weekend.

    Obviously, I will pay for all materials and compensate the constructor in any way he'she see's fit - liquid, folding, night out with me...:D I'll also obviously hire a van to collect as well.

    Looking at the location of some of the master craftsmen, it would appear that Tetro is indeed the nearest in Sussex...;)

    All help or advice greatly appreciated.

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