Need a suggestion about my next system.


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Hi everybody.

I used to have a budget system to listen to music, when I lived in Italy three years ago.
It was very basic:

Indiana Line Tesi 504 (2 channels)
Cambridge Audio Topaz CD10
NAD 302

It was my first assembled system and it gave me emotions, I had always listened to music on cheap compact systems till then and the difference was remarkable.

Before moving to the USA, I gave this system to my brother who is currently using it at his home.
I would like to leave it there and move up the product range a bit. I did some research and came out with this to buy list:

Tannoy Revolution XT 8F
Cyrus CDI
Abrahamsen 2.0 UP

Considering that (unfortunately) I need to buy online and can not test this(I am moving back to my home country in two months), plus I really listen to a really wide range of music genres (Love ABBA, Gyorgy Ligeti, Dillinger Escape Plan, Steps Ahead, Squarepusher..) can you tell me your impressions on such a parinig ? I'm looking for an organic sound, with a nice amount of bass even without a subwoofer, definition and a wide soundstage. Like everyone, right ? :)

I know that the best would be testing it at home but I still do not know where I will live when I go back to my home country. I'll make sure the music room will be big enough though.

Thank you !


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Your selection is (probably) unique to you so it's unlikely many will have heard any 2 of the 3 components together, never mind all 3!

If it helps I would make the following observations:

You appear to have quite a decent budget and I note that you can't audition at home but - seriously - consider delaying purchase until you have listened to a selection of items at a dealer in the area you will be moving to.

You don't say what particularly appeals about the Abrahamsen but of course the Cyrus One amp is well reviewed (and discussed currently here on this forum) and is uniform with the CDI. Conversely Abrahamsen have a selection of CD players to choose from. It seems likely that a dealer with either range should be able to let you hear them with a selection of speakers.

Finally, it seems the Tanoys are relatively efficient and would work well with a range of amps with lower power rating (but perhaps better quality) than either the Abrahamsen or Cyrus at a similar price point.

Good luck, I'm sure whatever you finally buy will represent a big improvement over the
Indiana / Cambridge / Nad system gifted to your brother:)



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Hey, thank you for the suggestion!
What amplifier with lower power but better quality do you suggest me to look at ?
As you may have understood, I am quite new to this, and I want to buy something that will last at least 15 years :)

Thank you again !


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For me to nominate specific amps would be as daft as I think it would be to just buy the Abrahmsen on spec!

You need to be clear about what facilities you need - the Abrahamsen has bluetooth capability so if that is important to you it will reduce the field considerably for instance. I believe lots of makers now include Bluetooth as well as network streaming capabilities, Cambridge and Yamaha for instance. On the other hand, a purist would eschew those kind of features to be sure the money spent was being concentrated on the quality.

In terms of power output, with the speakers you have in mind anything from 25 watts per channel up will be sufficient (IMHO), therefore even valve amps may be a possibility and widen the field even further.

Read up on Yamaha, Rega, Quad, Marantz and Cyrus(for instance). If you find on line magazine reviews they will often be group tests and you will come across many other makes and so the reading matter will expand.

Why not browse the sticky thread about other members systems at the top of the forum - that should shake out a load more ideas.


Dr. Robert

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Maybe not your thing but b&w cm speakers have decent bass and clarity, the floor standers I've not heard, but the cm5s are great and deliver enough for any ABBA fan. Also look at a second hand meridian 502 and 556 for amplification. Clean as a whistle and enough power.


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Thank you again !

You're right, I should have been more clear about what I want from my system.
I do not care about bluetooth or any wi fi capability. I don't even care about not getting a remote controller actually. All I want is a system that delivers a great, organic sound, with a good soundstage.
My sources will only be CD and LP, I will probably add my Raspberry PI with DAC+, but just for the sake of convenience. I have al the records I want to play in physical format.

I am currently looking at cyrus, the 6xp can be found for relatively cheap.
Wonder if it would be a good match for the tannoy xt8f I chose as speakers...

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