Need a sub to go with bose cubes? which one




I have a series one Bose accustimass 10 with a passive sub (replaced with active in series 2 due to it being pants) Anyway, the cubes are fine and I cannot replace due to SWMBO wanting tiny speakers. So my question is, what sub would go best with the wee Bose cubes? My amp is a Yamaha DSP A-5. Im not replacing any kit, I just want a sub for the system that is cheap £200 ish, but good.

Tips please


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£200 and cheap do not = good subwoofer I'm afraid:(
You might get lucky going second hand (look in the classifieds) with that kind of budget (maybe a s/h velodyne cht-10 or rel quake).
I'm pretty sure whatever you choose will probably better the passive sub your trying to replace though. Why not go and have a listen to a few alternatives at a local dealer. The dealer may also be able to give you some pointers with regard to replacing your bose cubes with some wife freindly discreat speakers that will make better use of your DSP a-5.


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The Mordaunt Short MS309 is a lovely sub, and is only £230, got a 5 star rating in this months what hi-fi.

I bought my KEF PSW2500 for a bargain £239 (down from £350!!), Technosound price matched with PRC Direct. Great sub for the money.

Wouldn't touch anything below £200 though.



I have a acoustimass 15 set,series one as well,due to the missus.
Although people on here royally slag them off i think they are fine for my room.Anyways,I recently purchased a Velodyne cht-10,set it all up with the pioneer mcacc thing and WOW..we were both taken back at what a subwoofer does to these speakers,the sound is improved vastly.The whole soundstage seems better,somehow,dunno why:D
If you need any info pm me mate,



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If you can pick one up s/hand I would highly recommend the REL Quake - a tiny foot square cube that lives up to its Quake moniker & really transformed the sound of my Kef Eggs - very missus friendly as well if that's an issue (got me a nice silver one to match the Eggs & TV!)
Paul ;)

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Lots of REL Q100's going through EBay lately for about £200. That's where I'd look.


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I'd put my neck out here and probably state that the Mordaunt Short MS309 is a better sub than the REL Q100.(I can hear the gasps now).

Would be great to see a side by side test of those two.


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You still have to keep the Bose sub due to the fact the cubes only go down to something like 240hz, but adding an additional sub would be a good idea. Are there any size restrictions on the sub?

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