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Need a sub £600 32" LCD for Sport (Cricket/Football), Standard Def viewing & PS3/DVDs


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Hello all,

I am new to posting here, but not sifting through all the great knowledge about av equipment.

I am after my first 32" LCD TV for what will be a lounge (and when I can afford to get a 37" Plasma, the bedroom, so + 5 years time!).

I have a PS3 which I will do a bit of gaming on and will watch upscaled DVD's and eventually Blu Rays on. I watch a lot of standard definition sport, especially Football and Cricket so how the TV copes with motion is key here. I am also going to connect a Sky+ Box and am looking at getting the Logitech z-5500 speaker system to connect to it all plus my pc which houses all of my music. This may not sound so good to those av experts out there, but I am on a budget with the sound and it seems pointless to get a home theatre system when I already have a PS3 to act as the media hub.

So my extensive research has led me to the following options:

Sony KDL-32D3000 (£580 until Monday)
Panasonic TX-32LXD70 (£500 until Monday)
Samsung LE-32M86BD (£480)
LG 32LT75 (£500)
Sony KDL-32S3000 (£440)
Samsung LE-32R87BDX (£400)

Panasonic TH-37PX80B (£600) - a sneaky inclusion of a low end 37" Plasma just to see what people think of it.

I would really appreciate some expert/owner advice and opinion on this. I can also wait a few months if needed (was looking for a deal as it's the bank hol), do people think the price of the Sony D3000 will come down?

Thanks a lot everyone!



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Ok so I have given far too much choice there:

Sony KDL-32D3000


Panny TX-32LXD70



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Both are excellent sets.The sony offers extra some things with most important the 24p


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I was looking at a similar list of sets last summer and plumped for the D3000 in the end as i felt that it's motion handling was best of the LCDs and i couldn't quite make room for the 37" (PX70) plasma in bedroom! The D3000 also seems slightly better future proofed with its 24p handling which maybe of interest to you if you watch any Blu-Ray on your PS3. However the Panasonic sets appear to do a slightly better job of displaying SD pictures from what I've seen and all things considered if i had the room I'd probably go for the plasma tbh.

Can't see the D3000' price dropping that much more as Sony' seem to retain their value quite well even when there's a replacement model due.


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Ok I have had a change of plan and am going to wait it out a little longer with a view to getting the Panasonic TX-LXD85. I think this may have an advantage over the Sony KDL-32W4000 because of it's 100hz motion handling. Strange that the Sony model has lost this feature. It is very important to me as I will be watching 50% sport on it. Panny seem to be getting good reviews yet again, any thoughts? Is my reasoning sound or just crazy!


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Before buying the panny I would wait to see the W4000

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