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I've just chased a channel from TV to the back of bookcase (where Sky/DVD/Wii etc sits) for hdmi cables etc. I've only just thought about Audio and want to get something sorted before i replaster. This is the 2nd chase i've made due to bad planning and don't want to have to do a 3rd lol....

5.1 isn't ideal as it would involve further chases around the newly plastered room. Also, ideally, I only wanted to chase speaker cables in rather than power cables but if needed power cable could be chased.

After chatting with a couple of AV shops today they said i could either:

Buy an amp to sit on bookcase and run 2 speakers to TV. (too pricey)
Buy a bluray system with 2.1 attached. (too pricey)
Buy a soundbar
Run 2 speakers of existing hifi although i don't think the mini hifi is capable of running 2 TV speakers.
Buy an active 2.1 system that doesn't need separate amp (do these exist for TV's? Would a good PC one work?)

The chase to the back of the bookcase is just over 2m then another 50cm to power point. I'm not a massive audiophile tbh and just want something to improve standard TV speakers. My questions basically:

1. Can i buy an active 2.1 system that doesn't require a freestanding amp? Then plug woofer to mains from bookcase and just run 2 speaker wires down chase?

2. Can i get a soundbar where i can run power cable >2m without having to encounter adapters etc? Am not sure the one supplied would be long enough but could i just buy a different/longer lead? Or are they hardwired into the soundbar?

3. Is there a better/easier solution?

Cost is a factor. As mentioned i just wanted to improve on TV speakers without spending a fortune. Ideally <£150.
Have seen the following soundbars that would work as long as i can get them to a plug (2.5m away) whilst plastered in.

HTSB400 3.1 channel Sound Bar System at Sharp Electronics (UK)

Panasonic 120W, Soundbar without drive, integrated sub. (SC-HTB10EB-K) -

Have only found the manual for the sharp one and it mentions plugging the lead into the ac/dc adapter. Is this necessary in the UK or can a power lead go directly from socket to soundbar?

Any suggestions really appreciated as plasterer coming on Tuesday and i want whatever i go for plumbed in before then.

Cheers folks.


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Or maybe buy a 2.1 home theatre system such as:<osCsid>

Would this do the trick?

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