Need a small HD camcorder with external Mike facility


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Anyone recommend a small camcorder with facility to add an external mike. I need it for YouTube videos interviewing people mainly. The sound needs to be pretty good, at least better than on board microphone.

Someone recommended the Kodak zi8, not sure about flip cams, may need something a bit more substantial.




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I only know of the zi8 and another kodak that I can't remember the name of right now but it's another filp.

You can record audio separately and stick it together in any basic editing package.


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Check out a used Sanyo HD2 with 720p resolution, decent video ( smallish files ) in outdoors situation with great colour, 10x optical zoom, and in-built decent stereo mic, and yes it does have external mic input. Second-hand now of course with better than Zi8 sound quality. I have both of these models. The HD2 will fit in trouser pocket. and it's nice to use with its pistol grip style. it has a mini mini 2/5 jack socket so you need a 3/5 to 2/5 adapter to use a regular stereo mic.

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