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    I have a 75" sharp lcd LC80LE650U . it got indirectly wet during the hurricane passing... it was unplugged at the time. when things quieted down some weeks later , I took the back panels off and had a look inside. all the boards except 1 ... the main input board looked absolutely perfect. not a hint of moisture or corrosion. the main input board was severely corroded. I found a new one cheap and installed it and plugged it in. the panel lights up but only parts of it have clear image. the entire screen is good . the bad image manifests itself as vertical stripes about 3" wide of various colors. so I unplug it and pull the backs off again and it appears that there are a series of small boards along the very bottom of the screen. I am presuming that the screen got wet and that moisture ran down into these boards which appear to control the " stripes I am seeing. unlike the main board which was a piece of cake to change , these little boards are under the primary bezel and inaccessible without getting the bezel off ... and there in lay the question... how do I support the panel to get this bezel off to get to these little boards. they look small and cheap and if I can save this tv for a couple hundred in small drivers then that's what im willing to try.

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