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Need a replacement for my Kef floorstanders


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Got a bit of a problem, I will soon be moving house and the am going to struggle to place my Kef Q35's which I dearly love and have owned for 12 years.

I'm buying a new sofa and it will be impossible to place the speakers either side of the fire surround (as they currently are).

So, is it impossible to get that floorstanding sound with on wall speakers? I haven't heard any on wall speakers, but imagine they're not as good, but who knows, things have moved on in the last 12 years!!

So, what are my options??

Budget is less than £1000 and would be prepared to buy second hand.

As a footnote, I heard the Monitor Audio PL100 last week, they are amazing!!, but still won't be able to place these.



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Are these your speakers?

SuperFi.co.uk - Kef Q35.2 Floor Standing Speakers - DISCONTINUED

Or are they at least very similar to these?

You mention 'on wall' speakers, that is extremely vague. Many speakers can be wall mounted, but that is very different from 'on wall' speakers. And, did you me ON-wall or IN-wall?

So, is it impossible to get that floorstanding sound with on wall speakers?

It depends on the specific wall, the specific room, and the specific speakers. But, in general, smaller speaker rarely equal bigger speakers.

It would be best if you gave us some photos of the room, is there still a real estate listing with photos we could look at? Or can you draw us a diagram of the floorplan?

The only thing that occurs to me at the moment are the long thin, wall mountable, Monitor Audio Radius HD speakers -

Radius HD - Products | Monitor Audio

The R225HD or R250HD might work for you, as might the tall slim R270HD floorstanding speaker.

R250HD = £275 each
R225HD = £250 each
R279HD = £650 pair

For small speakers, all these have pretty good frequency response, and in a pinch, would be capable of standing on their own as stereo speakers.

While the 225/250 can be hung on the wall, I suspect they can also be mounted on sturdy adjustable wall brackets, in the event you need to aim them in a direction other than straight forward.

The 225/250 are also used as the Center speaker in a 5.1 system, and can certainly work for rear speakers, if the budget allows that.

There are similar tall thin speakers from other manufactures such as Tannoy, and thin wafer-style speakers from Kef, B&W, and others. These "wafer" speaker, it would reasonably seem, could also be hung on the wall.

Home Cinema Speakers Kef T105 | hifix.co.uk

Home Cinema Speakers Bowers And Wilkins FPM5 | hifix.co.uk

How suitable these are to your needs, I can't say.

Just a few thoughts.

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