Need a player to play high def avi files on samsung slimfit




Basically I have recently purchased a samsung 32 inch 419 jobby (slimfit) and, since this tv will not allow me to connect my pc to it, I am looking to buy a standalone player that will play standard avi files, aswell as high def avi files.
I presume the connection would have to be component rather than hdmi, but I'm not sure. Perhaps you can enlighten me on this?

It would also be good if it contained an upscaling dvd player aswell but this is not essential. Budget would be up to £200.

I'm not even sure if these things exist, although a quick search came up with some Freecom products.

Thanks for any help.


hi-def divx player for under £200 ? Buffalo AV Link Player can do hi-def, not much else can.


ok. I've looked at this and it seems pretty good. I understand it upscales dvd's via component. Will it do the same for standard avi files?

Also there seems to be a new version out, PC-P4LWAG, that is compatible with Intel Viiv technology. Would this be worth the extra money considering I don't have viiv on my pc? I.E will it offer any benefits other than the Viiv technology.

TBH wireless connectivity is not that impportant to me since i will be connecting an external hard drive via usb. Most important things are the upscaling dvd player and ability to play video files from usb hard drive.

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