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Hi there. My old trusty Panasonic DMR-EX77 threw a bit of a wobbly last Saturday. For all TV stations there was just a black screen with no sound. In addition, the TV guide never came up when the handset button was pressed. Before I went to bed I left it in standby as usual. I didn't hang around to see if the shutdown display had anything different on it. The next morning when I turned it on all was working as if nothing had happened. Apart from that is, before I turned it on in the morning the display had a message, something along the lines of U01. But, after pressing the power button the display went into its "Goodbye" shutdown sequence. I powered it on again and all was well.

Anyway, I thought after 12 years service it might be time to look for a replacement, maybe pre-empt a catastrophic failure. As well as the tuner issue last week, the sound from the left hand channel has been sub standard for a number of years and every few days whilst using the programme guide the whole system hangs for 30 seconds or so before it recognizes any handset button press.

If I'm going to replace it I might as well add features that weren't available in 2009, such as wi-fi connectivity to give me access to catch up TV/YouTube and more than one tuner. I hardly use the record to DVD function so losing an integrated DVD player is no loss.

I've had a quick look around and the Manhattan T3-R seems to fit the bill apart from it doesn't have slow motion. I occasionally use it whilst watching sport recordings, like cricket, to look at action the TV producer might not deem worthy of a slow motion replay. From a quick search nor does any other PVR available in the UK other than Panasonic again which don't seem to have YouTube etc.

If I buy a PVR with no DVD function, I'll also take the opportunity to buy a blue ray player at the same time.

So, what recommendations do you have? And, is there a PVR with slow motion I could look at with wi-fi, catch up TV and YouTube?



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I use a T3R, and overall I’m pretty happy with it, and support, when needed, is first class. Humax seems to be a bit of mixed bag, and of course there’s still Panasonic kit, which will be familiar. Choices however, are limited. PVRs seem to be a dying breed …

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