Need a new fridge freezer - is Hoover any good?


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So the time has come to replace our Beko fridge freezer which has done incredibly well at lasting almost 22 years with no issues.
It seems to now be struggling to keep the temperature down in the fridge (probably related to the current heat wave we're having).

I've been looking around at different brands/models to replace it and have narrowed it down to this Hoover model, which seems to have decent space inside, along with being 'no frost', and also a water dispenser which I'm not sure we'll really use much, but most seem to have one now.

The price at Very seems to be good at the moment also.

Just wondered if anybody here has had much experience with Hoover for fridges? Do they tend to be reliable?

Sloppy Bob

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I've found some appliances like fridges and freezers are much of a muchness. Washing machines, dishwashers no, you need to spend to get long-term reliability but your Beko is a budget brand.

I put Hisense Fridge Freezers in my rental flats and I've been so impressed with the features to price to quality ratio I bought one for my own place.

Essentially what I'm saying is the for a Fridge Freezer, unless you spend a fortune on something really high end with features you don't need, it doesn't seem to matter that much from my experience.
I would agree, I have not had a fridge freezer fail on me ever, just replaced as we moved house or similar. Had a Beko for ages and was stil working when we gave it away and currently rocking a very similar to that Hoover model from Hotpoint (10 years in now and no issues), now washing machines thats a difference story.


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Thanks for the responses.
So it sounds like the Hoover I've chosen should be fine which is good to hear.

Before I place any orders though, I'm wondering is there anything I can attempt to sort my current fridge?
It seems to be working a bit better today (though according to a thermometer I've placed on the bottom shelf, it's 10C which I believe is still about 5C too warm.

I've got the thermostat dial turned up to the highest setting.

It seems like it's okay when it's the cooler months, but obviously even when we get the hotter weather like recently we want the fridge to be cooler than this currently is, I'm just wondering if it's likely the new fridge is going to end up struggling and being the same when it's hot.
The room it's in reached about 29C yesterday.

Computer Angel

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Agree with most of the above, however, it is always on.......


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had a hot point half and half ...preferred the layout inside over a lot i looked at...for the last 8 problems


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I've ended up ordering the Hoover I linked too. Just waiting for them to arrange delivery now :)

Hopefully it does better than our current one whenever we next get a heatwave.

floppy disk

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If your budget goes only that far,cancel your order and stick with Beko. Hoover is cheap made Candy in disguise so for that kind of money, Beko is better value and easier to repair if ever needed, also as far as I could see ( not worked much on machines of that price range though as after few years they aren't economical to repair bar the most simple/chepest problems ) Beko is better and more solidly made too. At least it is not pretending to be something it isn't ( e.g. Hoover pretending to be a British brand, despite never being one ) and parts are plentiful and fairly priced.


I think the main company for these machines is Haier? I suspect all other sub brands are based on those? The mega parent company owns Haier after all.....

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Hair make real junk, Candy and all their clones are slightly better, some are made in china these day - as far as I know in Candy's factory, haier will make for any low volume retailer who wants cheap and definitely not cheerful stuff - CDA, hygena, Teka and few more. Vestel and Arcelik ( Beko ) are 2 separate turkish companies producing probably the best cheap stuff at that price point, Candy is Italian , trying to mop up any local failed manufacturer to get a foothold in as many markets and perceived brands as possible and Haier or Hisense are the bottom of the pile chinese cheap junk manufacturers.


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Well I did order the Hoover like I said last week but Very have (for the first time in my experience) been a pain and have told me the order 'never went through properly to the suppliers' which is why my order has just sat with the same update on it since last week despite it ment to be coming by the 19th.

Not sure whether to continue with the Hoover or consider a different brand, though my budget doesn't allow for much more than what I was spending on this one so there's not a huge choice.
Mostly HiSense (would they be better than Hoover?) or Swan (no idea about them either).

I'd really like one with the 'total no frost' feature rather than just normal 'frost free' which also limits the options.

floppy disk

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Hisense and Haier are the bottom of the pile and most definitely no better ( in fact quite opposite ) than Hoover. If your budget doesn't stretch any further get some turkish made , most prominent of those is Beko. You have to understand that , especially at the cheap end of market, appliances are made to a shop floor price point. You will not buy long lasting quality, no matter what you get, with little bit of luck you will get a fridge freezer that will last you reasonable amount of time and hopefully trouble free - by buying Beko over chinese, your chances are higher to achieve that.. At the end of the day what starts life as an inferior machine does not get better with age, but as long as it does reasonably well what it's designed for and last long enough, that's what you get these days. If you can't get any of electrolux/zanussi then Beko and it's clones after that Candy and it's clones( Hoover being one of them ) as a last resort Hisense, Haier or anything else chinese. I can't tell you what make or model and what features you get- all I can tell you is how long and how trouble free appliances are, and cheapest chinese fridge, W machine or oven is the very last thing I would want in my house

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