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Need a little help with a Samsung B550 please.


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Sorry, new here, first post, so hi. I've looked about but there's too much stuff to trawl through and I dunno which I should be looking at and which I don't. And what's this 656 thread?

Anyway.... got a 32" B550A5W about 6 months ago. Been using it for gaming fine with my 360 and PS3. Can't complain at all. Only recently bought a stand alone bluray player and now using it for blurays. Didn't want to use the PS3 for them.

First thing is first. What are the best settings to use for films that have a lot of grain in them. The TV seems to struggle. When there's a lot of grain the picture kinda flickers or pulses brighter in certain places and scenes. Does it in 300 (a fair bit), Saving Private Ryan (a little), erm, couple of other films I can't think of right now.

I've read it's down to the dynamic stuff on Samsungs. Even turning off dynamic contrast doesn't help though.

Turning down the sharpness helps but then surely I'm losing picture sharpness....

Other than this flickering thing/brighter pulsing thing when there's a lot of grain the picture is fine. It could probably be better yeah but I've not messed about with the settings yet. That's another reason I'm here I suppose.

Watching through HDMI btw.

The other thing I wanted to ask about was the Firmware. How do you update it? The latest software on the Samsung site is T-CHL5DEUC. The software I have on mine is presumably still what it came with, and the TV says it's 2009/06/26_001001.

I've put the software from the site onto a USB and installed it like you're supposed to then plugged it into the TV to try and update the software but the TV just says there is no software to update all the time. Help? :lease:

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