Need a DVD player to go with 37PF9830

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    I have posted this in the LCD TV thread, but the advice I seek will most likely come from here....

    Bought and setup my 37PF9830 (£2250 from - last week) :)

    Everything went fine and generally happy. I am not a AV guru like many here, and really quite a noob, but learning fast.

    I bought this as a upgraded replacement for a large 3 yrs old CRT screen, was going to buy the 9986 but waited for 9830 after reading about it on these pages.

    My system consists of; Sky+, Bose Lifestyle 28, 37PF9830
    The best configuration I have achieved so far is Daisy Chained SVideo from Sky+ to Bose to LCD (EXT2 Scart Port), and Optical Audio from Sky+ to Bose.

    This setup is very acceptable however it doesn't really take advantage of the high specifications of the screen.

    The Bose system can produce an interlaced Component Video output [Y,Pr,Pb - don't know what resolution] however the LCD component port [EXT4] will only accept a progressive signal (480p, 576p, 720p according to philips tech support line - although manual says it will take 1080i). Consequently I get no image from the component feed from my Bose box. :(

    I know many will say shouldn't have bought the Bose system - but my wife likes the styling and at the time of purchase 'ignorance was bliss' and I was impressed with what I heard - and I am very happy with the Audio reproduction at home. (Must say I am disappointed to have paid my price I did for a non progressive DVD player and also doesn't play DVD-A or SACD)

    So my challenge now is to determine the most cost effective way of achieving an optimal video configuration. My current thinking is that I need to purchase an additional DVD player that outputs a compatible component video signal and that ideally I can daisy chain with my other units. :confused:

    I really don't want to have to fork out more than I need to achieve my objectives, as my wife is already raising eyebrows at the level of 'investment'. :rolleyes:

    Any constructive comments or suggestions welcome....

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