need a decent bottom end HDD/DVD recorder


Hi i'm getting my dad a recorder and wanted a HDD to record on so he won't have to worry about messing around finding disk space and a dvd player to watch rentals on with a digi tuner. It doesn't need to be state of the art just decent. My shortlist so far is

1) Sony RDR-HXD560
2) Panasonic DMR-EX75EB-S
3 Pioneer DVR-440HX-S

i've tried a search but most articles here are on the higher end stuff, could you guys give me any feedback on the list above?



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Just do an advanced search of this forum using e.g. DMREX75 or DMR-EH75 or RDRHXD560 or RDR-HXD560 as the keyword (not everyone uses the hyphen with regard to model nos entry) and I'm pretty sure you'll find a few messages relating to those models.


thanks for the feedback guys, i was considering the sony as my No1 choice as i've heard a few people grumble about panasonic recently and the pioneer is getting bitched about for the handset.

I've been burned recently on cheaper names bob so i'm going back to established brands for a while.

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