Need a ci module for a 55EC930V LG OLED


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Hi just bought this TV (on here) without (in my ignorance) knowing it does not have Freeview installed.
Really need to access catch up TV as well but do not seem to see it anywhere so maybe an APP from say % to download somehow ?
Needs a card / module & can see the slot on the rear for it so that helps.
Shed loads online but do not know what to buy, so if a kind member can point me in the right direction or (?) if there is another fix I would be much obliged.

I do have a Sky digi box that I have connected to it ATM but would prefer something onboard and not seen.
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Why do you need an CAM and card?

If you're intending to use them to access and view Sky content via the in-built satellite tuner... It wont!

There's a dedicated topic on the forum about this (2014) TV here: LG 55EC930V (EC930) OLED TV Review


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Ok I currently have an LG cheap smart tv (no more that 2 years old) and on it we can view via a sat dish looking at Astra Freeview with no digital box just the lead plugged into the TV all Freeview and catch up TV via all the apps (pre installed I think?)
My 5 , I player, itv hub etc pus Netflix and others we have bought.
TV is connected to WiFi also

So plugged this new one in (used one that is) when I change onto a channel to watch on the live TV it simply says no Ci module, internet shows what I need.
No catch up anywhere to be seen & that is the reason I installed my old Sky box so it could at least see Freeview as we know it.

Hope that makes sense ?

The previous owner might have been using the TV to access European services. Have you tried performing a 'Reset to Initial Settings'?


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I don't think he was but will check with him.
Did see reset as I was looking for the update button (could not find it though) but was reluctant to select that, is it OK to do that as if so will give it a try.

Had a look in the Apps section but could not find My5 / ITV hub etc listed there.
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On my 2016 LG television, the software version and update options can be found via: All Settings -> General, then scroll down to 'About This TV' and press OK

And the 'Reset to Initial Settings' is also available via the 'General' options...


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Checked that and yes it has that update loaded.
Further reading on the web it seems that not all LG tv's (and other brands) come loaded with this & that and that is news to me, but been out of the UK for a good number of years so have not been keeping up with the changes.
Just ordered an Amazon Fire Stick as "it seems" to be an easy and small add-on that should give me most of what I am looking for, if not easy to send back.


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Looking at the specs it should have freesat & Freeview tuners and also reset it to initial settings.

Had an Amazon fire stick delivered but its a clunky things to use if you want to view any My5 / ITV hub etc stuff, looks like that will be going back.


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Update !
It seems that the TV of this year (build type 2014) has what LG call an open tuner and will pick up the channels (well most of them) but has no EPG to sort them into the running order that we know from Sky / Free-sat., after 2016 LG TV's did have Free-sat support.
Called LG and with their help tuned the set yet again but this time LG noticed that it was looking at the wrong Sat (dish in the UK can see a number of Astra sats) so changed it over to Astra 28.2e that was listed in another part of the menu that I could not see listed.
So the bulk of what we need to see (well my good lady) is there and the ic module is not for the UK market but used for other county's pay to view stuff.

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