need a cheap black amp with adjustable a/v sync!


I'm starting to miss my 5:1 surround sound since I upgraded my TV to a sony KDL40D3000. I've had to wire my old amp to use the stereo output from the TV as I can't live with the lip sync problem.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a budget? I'm still annoyed that my old amp is now next to useless just because I changed my TV!


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Actually most new amps with a lip-sync delay don't really solve the problem either since lip-sync error changes from program to program and DVD to DVD.

I'd suggest one of the dedicated digital audio delay boxes (made by Alchemy2, Felston and Primare) and I'm sure there must be some used Felston Dd340's and DD540's or Alchemy DDL's becoming available now that both companies have introduced newer models (Felston DD740 and Alchemy2 DDL4)with more features. I've had a Felston DD340 since 2004 and it still has the most important feature on all these units which is a plus and minus button to shift the s/pdif audio until it is in perfect sync with the video without disturbing the image.
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unless you were able to buy these specifically here in the UK,a link to the US,would be pointless,as any import tax/postage,etc would more than likely negate any bargain.
and sometimes US models would vary from the UK versions.


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Felston's new 4 input model DD740 is RoHS and WEEE compliant and is available in the UK where it was designed. The new model is 129.95 GBP which includes VAT. ( 110.60 GBP without VAT). It has a lot of new features too in addition to the 4 inputs.

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