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Hey everyone,

First time poster with a bit of a problem: I am looking for a DAC that can accept USB and output to RCA or XLR.

I have a "home theater" setup that works as follows.

I have an Allen Heath Xone 42 mixer, that takes my two turntables and a 3.5mm TRS from my Intel NUC that runs Kodi (used with a NAS storing 24/16 bit flac music) to my M Audio BX8 D2's which are active monitors.

I want to up the sound via USB to a DAC. I also want to retain the Xone Setup. So I am wondering if there's a table top / desktop DAC that can accept RCA and USB (ie selectable) and send it out to the speakers.

The problem however is that the speaker will only accept balanced XLR or TRS leads. So I'm not sure how to connect a DAC RCA or screw type open wire to TRS (don't think XLR to RCA works?). And most DAC's seem to have RCA as outputs in any case.

So, my three questions:

1.) Can you advise on a decent DAC that has selectable inputs (RCA / USB) and goes out to RCA.
2.) Is it possible and advisable to convert RCA to 1/4 TRS (unbalanced)
3.) Do you get a DAC that outputs in XLR balanced?

My budget tops out at $1000.

Looking forward to some insight. I come from the mobile audiophile background and I initially wanted to DAC and AMP for my HD650's but the cost of that made me think about spending towards my home sound (I use a iFi Micro DSD currently which does a good semi mobile solution).

Thanks in advance!
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