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need a bag or something to fit a big guitar need help


i have got a little problem if anyone can help me with this
right i have got a guitar i am thinking about buying a guitar box the flat ones with a handle
i have had a look on all different sites and i cant seem to find one to fit a
25 inch width and 47 inch length i need some type of long bag with a handle so i can carry it around i cant seem to find anything bag that will fit this if a bag can be got for this size it doesn't matter if a bag is a little bigger
so can anyone please help me with this problem
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There's a world of difference in picking on a spelling error & an entire post that makes little sense. But no problem - I'm out.
He has a guitar that is 25" wide and 47" long. He wants a case with a carrying handle for it. What is not to understand?

I agree the shape of the guitar, acoustic, electric, bass might influence the suitable cases though.



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