Need a 40" recommendation for a Plasma/OLED snob

Jon Weaver

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I am a Plasma snob.. i still have my fleet of Panasonic Plasmas ranging from 32" to 50" and I still think they give the best pictures i have ever seen.

I have never been happy with LED/LCD screens so have be replacing my Plasmas with OLED.

I used to have one of my old 50" Plasmas on the bedroom wall, but have just moved house and there are no walls big enough.. The best I can muster is a 37".. But the problem is, it needs to go in a corner, and its really heavy.. So I am worried about fixing it safely. It also has a thick bezel which makes it bigger than it needs to be.

So I am tempted to change to something lighter with a smaller bezel and a 40" would fit. But as I said, I am fussy and whilst my argument that "its only a bedroom TV" is fine.. I guarantee that I will find fault and wish I had bought something better.. I was going to get the cheap JVC in Currys which is £200, but I am sure it will be horrible.

Its going to mount at head hight and whilst the mount I have bought has a 3" tilt, I am still going to be looking up at it, so I am going to need a decent viewing angle.

I am only feeding it with Sky and a Firestick, so I don't need any good "smart" capabilities.

Can anyone recommend a 40" screen with good sound/picture? I don't mind what it costs. I just want to be happy with the picture?

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


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prob one like this

But a 48 inch LG C1 TV would be best saving more for.

Jon Weaver

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prob one like this

But a 48 inch LG C1 TV would be best saving more for.

I think you have missed my point.. I only have space for a 40"? My 37" with wide Bezel fits.. and a 40" with a thin bezel is roughly the same size.

So it has to be a 40" screen.

Edit: Sorry. I realise now you were showing a Panasonic 850B.. Thanks.. I must admit I was looking at some of the older models of this one (TX-40JX800B), but saw some terrible reviews.. I will take a look.

If the 800 was comparible (just older) it would make sense as its only £350... This is just a bedroom TV and whilst I want a good picture, its not as if its my main TV...


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In my opinion the viewing angle is the real issue, straight on a VA panel is not too bad with regards to picture (still not as good imo but not too bad) the ips ones are ok during the day but look flat in comparison
I am looking for a 42 plasma to go in a corner, luckily I can fit the wider bezel plasma in there


There are no good 40" models to recommend. The Panasonic JX8xx models (one mentioned above) will be the best of a bad bunch. 43" models with Dolby Vision like the Hisense A7G will be next best.
Expect problems with the picture on cheaper, smaller TVs though, especially with HDR.

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