Need a 24/28 inch TV that uses a fig 8 cable! Either directly or via PSU - its already plastered in wall


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Hi all,

Im in a bit of a predicament, looking to purchase a 24/28 inch TV for our new kitchen, where i have already plastered in a fig 8 cable into the wall. At the time of plastering the cable (18 months ago) i am sure there was something out there on the market that was suitable as i did check what cables to put in.

Looking for preferably white or silver finish - appreciate this limits my choices somewhat. Black would be a choice if no options in white/silver.
Could stretch to a 32 in size, but this may physically look too big for the wall its going on so hoping to sort something in

Problem being now i cannot find a TV out there which accepts the fig 8 cable to the back of the TV or via a power supply brick. anything out there which is suitable, which was not the case at the time. I am seeing TVs with transformers in the plug (LG) and ones that use a kettle style connection (Philips). I have seen a fig 8 to kettle adapter but worried there would be no continuity of earth as i imagine the philips kettle lead would require.

I did also plaster in some flex, i dont know which i dont know if its silly to take the back panel off and hard wire into the TV myself with the few ive seen that are hardwired.

All in all i am up sh*t creek somewhat! Appreciate its not the usual query but would really appreciate any thoughts or suggestions,



Not sure I will be able to help at all with this. I don't really pay attention to the finish of each TV, and TVs even at 32" are all bottom range models now, so its really hard to determine if one is better than the next. I'm also not sure what you mean by a figure of 8 cable...other than the standard ISA cables used for power delivery with some TVs...but again I'm not sure which TVs use it, as its not something you can really look up without having the TV itself.

Since you have requirements based on the colour, I'd go with whichever reaches these requirements from a brand such as Sony, LG, Samsung, TCL or Hisense. Generally I'd advise avoiding smaller than 32" because the smaller you go, the more likely you are going to end up with something that is a few years old rather than only a couple.

EDIT* for clarification by years old I don't mean a used TV, but one that was released. Most 32" models are not refreshed year to year any more like larger models are. With smaller TVs that's even worse, most seem to be models that are 5-6 years old. Value for money and choice with TVs nowadays is with 55" and higher. Even at 49" and especially 43/40" choices are bleak, and TVs are lower spec.


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Thank you for the reply, although i have sorted it this evening.

Appreciate a larger TV is usually a more regularly refrreshed model, however the wall space is only 900mm wide so counts me out of many choices, even 32" looked a little wide as it was taking over the wall, its only for a kitchen.

The fig.8 cable is an IEC C7/shotgun.

I managed to sort it by finding a 24"1080p philips set, there are a couple out there but limitied as a i say so just happy to have anything that the concealed cable plugs into!

Moral of the story - make sure you triple check your cable choice before plastering!

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