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I have just ordered a Panasonic TX55DT50 and was going to buy a sound bar. I now realise that my Bluray player is not 3D so I will need to get an updated one. So, I guess that to save some money, I should buy a Blu-ray with sound system - presumably a Panasonic.

I only want something that will imporove the sound - I don't need a full blown cimematic experience. I do want to limit the number of speakers and cables if possible. So 2.1, 3.1 5.1? Don't know as I am a bit new to all of this.

Any advice would be very welcome.




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One of the best 2.1 setups around is the Onkyo HTX-22HDX. It can be made 5.1 later on if you wanted to go full surround sound. You would need a separate bluray player though. Do you have anything else to connect?

If an all-in-one is more your bag, there is a separate forum for those setups.

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You only 'need' a 3D enabled BD Player if you are keen to purchase 3D titles - I have to say my 3D 'collection' is pretty minimal with no plans to grow it any time soon!

I'd prefer to improve the audio of any system currently limited to using the TV Speakers over worrying about 3D playback.

SoundBars can work well if your room/room layout is not a limitation!

Where you want to limit the amount of new hardware in a room a decent quality 2.1 system can be a better option!

An idea on room layout and a budget would be good!


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