Need 2 new pairs of headphones !


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I'm going to treat myself to a new ipod classic within the next week, and i'm going to need a whole load of new things for it, headphones being one of them :rolleyes:

First of all, i'm aftr some in ear portables. I turned instantly to shure, and saw they have a new range out. I have looked at the se210's mainly becuase they arn't too over the top on price. What is the general view on these ? Are they comfy ? Sound good ?

Then next i think this will be slightly more tricky. I need some headphones for home listening and traveling if possible. Will be used at night, on PC sometimes, ocassionally in the day and for a little gaming sometimes. These need to be very comfy, and i'm not a fan of having my ears all closed up, gets me hot very quickly. I would love it is these could also be good for travelling aswell ( Not massive or heavy, block some noise ). Now i'm not an audiophile by any means, but i want some quality out of these. I want to be able to wear them for long periods of time. Nothing too much price wise, ideally under £100 but less would be best.

What do you guys think ? Sorry for the long description ;)


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if i've got this right, you've got £100 to spend on your second pair of headphones?

my first thought turns to the Sennheiser HD25-II's because they're portabel, sound good. They're good at blocking out ambient noise aswell and as long as you use some velour ear pads, the HD25's are comfy, and they won't make your ear sweat.

the HD25's are on the left hand side

so they are full size .......sort of, but they are smaller than most other fullsize headphones.

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