nec vp4 plasma loan


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Yep i took the plunge and bought/tried the nec vp4 , unfortunatly its on its way back to the shop.
I just couldnt justify the amount of money i would be spending compared to the picture quality i was receiving.
DVD (using toshiba 330+ supra component cables) great colours really good blacks occasional banding , and that little bit would have irritated me every time i watched it.
TV ( scart to component bnc+ cable box - i live in sweden)most channels were almost unwatchable , some of the "digital channels were ok but even there was quite noticable banding.On the analogue channels it was horrible to watch (specially footie).
Now it could just be my choice of screen , but ive read that almost all screens suffer from it .

back to the drawing board
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On the few occasions that I've seen a VP4, it always had dreadful banding problems. I've hardly ever seen such problems on my Pio, for example. I've seen some Fujitsus have similar banding effects, but I don't know which models. I suspect that the newer Fujitsus, Panasonics or Pioneers might be worth a look.


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