NEC SCART to RGB Adapter



I have an NEC VT440 and various RGB enabled appliances i.e. DVD, X-BOX, Tivo

I am currently using a RGB to S-Video convertor to feed an S-Video signal to the projector.

I have just purchased the NEC SCART to RGB convertor to use the 15pin D-sub input on the projector for RGB in, however it does not appear to work.

It is advertised as being suitable for all VT series projectors. does anyone have any experience of this ? Any ideas on what I can do ?

Any help would be appreciated


John Sim at does a device that converts RGB Scart to VGA (called Plasma VGA I think). I wanted it for my Panny AE100 but it wasn't compatible.

It was something to do with the signal frequency being wrong. My projector being 30 Hz and the device using 15 Hz or vice versa.



Thanks for that - I had thought about that myself - I believe the NEC VT440 can accept a 15Khz sync for VGA which would make it compatible - can anyone confirm this ? Also at the £120 price is it a worthwhile purchase ? Has anyone any idea how much better the picture quality might be ?




It does work with my NEC LT 150, you have to go in advanced options in the menu and select scart(don't rememebr exactly where), this is the only way it works.



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I know this is an old thread, but did you ever have any luck with it?
I have a VT440, and i've just bought a scart to rgb vga dsub cable.
I am feeding RGB scart from a Sony dvd player to my projector, but I can't get it to work anyhow :confused:
If I had to use Svideo instead, would it be a big quality loss??

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