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went to the tip again today and the projector was still sat there in the open air .the bloke said i could have it for £15 quid as it was off in the crusher tommorrow .got it home and pluged it in and it works !trying to converge it and their is only a few buttons on the back, if you press the operate button it has a choice of options to scroll down to, i.e. input, static etc. by pressing on enter on static it comes up with a cross hair i can move it vertical but not horizontal ?is there a way to get into the proper set up menu ? do you need the remote to install it ?there seems to be no pots for fine adjustment like my seleco is it all digital convergence ? remote central hasn,t the model listed pg6100g
is any of the following the same chassis (remote)
xg series
does anybody no of where i can get a manual or a remote many thanks i think youll be sick of hearing about this projector soon so sorry graham

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Go download Guy Kuo's CCF for XG135 NEC projector. It uses same IR commands. If you can't find it email me.

The NEC's are extremely complex to set up for a novice. They have a wealth of registration/geometry adjustments which can confuse most folk. Horizontal alignement of ANY projectors crosshairs is initially done by MECHANICAL adjustments......

I probably have a PDF file of NEC set up. email me at [email protected] and I'll see what I can do...


Roland @ B4

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Damn someone has found my supplier :)

I've got the Manual and CCF if you want it

Roland @ B4

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I went today and found a chap throwing the same BBQ that I bought in the sale.

They were fresh out of CRT projectors. (loads of LCD's though:devil: )


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I only seem to ever find fridges. Comes in useful in my HC as air con though when they are modded.

;) :D
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