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(First post, hope I don't break any rules just yet).

As a novice CRT user I've spent the last year getting to grips with an early NECPG6000 circa 1994. I now have it connected to a Deuce MC scaler and things are getting pretty impressive but I'm sure there is a lot of improvement to be had.

My main problem is an aparent missing line in the middle of the image stretching from left to right of the red and blue tubes only (gree is fine). The missing line is visible on the screen and the tube face viewed through the lenses. I've tried normalizing each adjustment and starting from scratch but it's still there. This happens when using the video and RGB inputs.

Could anyone tell me what the three white pots mounted very prominently over the blue tube are (see attached pic). I cannot believe that such a prominent position is used for a service engineer only adjustment. The three black blobs which I assume hide some more pots are labled "Focus" and remain untouched (I've learnt that much from various threads posted here). The three exposed pots are labled R, G &B with "Screen" adjacent to them. I have found no reference to these in any documentation.

Apart from the above I would like to improve contrast at the darker end of the scale. Reducing contrast seems to reduce brightness too much. I'm projecting a 76" wide image onto a 1.3 gain screen. I'm getting to grips with the DVE DVD but don't want to spend too much of my life tweaking until I've sorted the line problem.

Does anyone have any experience using the GE Imager control software? I guess the first thing I need is the serial cable pinout details. I'd like to try and use it befor my remote breaks. Your experience good or bad would be appreciated.

Roughly how much would I spend to get a professional in to set the thing up? I'm in west Suffolk.

Thanks in anticipation of your help.



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Thanks Brian, the links helped a lot. I've cured the missing lines by linear balance. It's so easy when you know!

My problem remains what to do with the R,G,B "SCREEN" adjustments. Assuming they've been tampered with (not by me of course!). Is there a safe (for me and the tubes) way of recalibrating this function to somewhere near where it should be. I'm reluctant to get into a full astigmatism setup, I guess it's the fear of making things worse. Focus is OK for me at the moment but contrast seems to be an issue. There seems to be too much contrast between the extremes but not enough contrast at the extremes.


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