nec pg model 6100g for sale £30 !

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any body no anything about this crt projector ?went to my local tip and one was sitting there ? the bloke at the tip said a pub landlord had dumped it . it was made in 1994 and is data grade and the bloke at the tip said it worked for half an hour then cuts out,whats it worth working or is it worth anything for parts, i think the tip bloke would take any thing for it .£10 -£20 quid or is it just junk ? i am a tv service engineer but don,t no much about crt projectors, but might be able to suss it out ? do i buy or not ?

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Working it is probably one of the best performing 7" CRT's ever made! Problem is they aren't made anymore and bits are rather rare....

It''s probably got HD6lenses on it which in themselves are worth a couple of hundred quid to a Seleco 400/420/450 owner...or an Ellie owner....

Scrap value is higher than the £10-£30 you may have to pay. Its a question of whether you want the hassle or not.
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