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Hello & greetings !!
A newbie I am so I will try to abide by all forum rules and etiquette
I 'd like to start by saying that i've taken the plunge into crt projectors for HT use. These are exciting times for me as this interest has grown to the point where I've made it a mission to find one.

After a fair bit of research I came across a crt unit that was affordable for me as an entry level projector.
The NEC PG 6200 XTRA MultiSync projector is the one I decided to purchase. ( any opinions regarding this unit always appreciated)
hours: 3158 h 30m
My research into runtime hours on the chassis and tubes indicate a life span of approx. 10,000 hours for the crt tubes.
I was wondering if the the values for these runtime hours displayed for the chassis and tubes, can they be tampered with to display an incorrect value.
I want to be sure that when I purchase a crt unit that it displays accurate runtime hours.
Can anyone put this myth to rest regarding runtime hours I'd could use the info, thanks to all

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It sound's like you've got a specific seller in mind. I'm no expert but it would seem these runtimes can be altered/reset. However it seems what is usually more important is the condition of the tubes. What sort of wear do they have? If a pj is set up badly or used incorectly it's easy to burn the tubes with a relatively short amount of use.



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I would think that they can be reset at any point, I have an NEC XG and I lost all my settings the other day, including runtime, when I had a power cut.
I was gutted as the unit had only done 1000 hours, however as cosaw said it is the condition of the tubes that make the most difference.
Age also plays a part as these things have capacitors that can dry out, and they also have heatsinks on certain chips, if the paste has dried out and the chips are getting hotter than they should be you could find that convergance drifts more than normal.
Having said all that can you get to see the tubes with the lenses off, I thought mine were absolutely mint, but after taking the lenses off I can see the slightest of wear on the green, and if you shine a torch on the blue there is also a little, so looking through the lenses imho tells you nothing.
NEC tubes tend to show wear quite early but then they stay pretty much the same for hours after.


My tubes at 1000 hours.

Having said all that you can buy a new green and blue for around £700 shipped.


thanks for all the input .
I will use your tubes photo gizlaroc as a reference when the pj arrives.

Cosaw I have no specific seller in mind , I just purchased this pj from a private sale.

So it all boils down to who you can trust when it comes to runtime hours on the projector.
A visual inspection of the tubes is a better indicator of wear .
I am an optimist and can only hope that my unit will be worth the
small amount I paid for it when it arrives.
Assuming that a crt projector was well setup before it was shipped out what issues can arise as a result of handling during the shipping process?

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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It doesn't actually matter how it was set up before it was shipped. You will need to completely start again with mechanical and electrical set up if you want to achieve a good, stable image.

The PJ is a great device. Hopefully you will have got a cracker. Helipilot on here is a good resource for info on the NECPG series as he has taken his own GE Imager (rebadge NEC) to bits and retubed it a couple of times.



Ok great!!
thanks for everyones input.
My thanks to you simon for the link showing the tube wear.
Yes gord I think starting from scratch to setup the projector is a prudent approach. I will be back with an update tomorrow as the pj is supposed to arrive tuesday.
I am grateful and thanks to all.


Hello to all:
I finally received my NEC 6PG xtra.
I'm amazed at how big and heavy this puppy is.
I have all the manuals and remote controls which is a bonus so I'm going to start from the beginning and try to successfully setup the pj. Please bear with my improper use of terms as I increase my understanding of the terms used.
The image is quite out of focus when I powered on the pj.
I suppose the mechanical focus adjustment is a good place to start.
Is the mechanical focus on the crt just a rough focus and the finer focus adjustments are done through the remote control functions?

The next alignment I need to perform I suppose will be the convergence ( over lay the R & B crt images onto the G crt image.)
Can I ask if someone can explain the proper order to adjustments. Am I on the right track??
I was planning to basically start at the beginning of the manual and work through each adjustment in the order that they appear in the manual.

I am full of questions tonite........... my apologies !!

Is it appropriate to remove and clean both sides of the lenses before the setup process & what is commonly used to clean the lense surface.
Are you allowed to clean the crt tube surface or is that blasphemy !!
Thanks for any input .... I will put to good use.

.. Onward and upward .... ceiling mount ...

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