NEC MT1020 image ghosting




I have been using the NEC MT1020 for a while now.
After about a thousand hours of use the image begins to develop a ghost image. This is most evident to the left of any hard outlines.
I would like to know if there is anything I can do to rectify the situation.
I have tried a new lamp, making adjustments to all the image controls and a number of different sources.
I'd really appreciate any guidance.



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Hi, did you ever get to the bottom of this? My Mt1020 also has the same problem, 1100hours use and only just started to do it.....does it on all sources, PC or SCART etc.....any advice would be great! thanks...


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No joy there then, does anyone else have any suggestions as to why I am getting ghosting on the projector!!?? THANKS


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Hi All
if you still have a 1020 the ghost is poss due to dirt and is caused by reflections in the prism so dont bin it


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Hey! Yep i still have it (although i have replaced it) its in the loft!. Any ideas where to look for the dirt/dust? presuming you have a 1020?? Thanks ! Ben.


Hi there!
Good to read you guys, I'm not alone on the projector planet!
I have the same ghost image problem, but I'd need a little tutorial to open the belly of my dear MT1020!
- I can't find the right screws to lift up the cover
- and then how can I dust off the prism and s.o ...
If you have a clue, thanks for your help

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