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Anyone seen the LT240 and LT260? What do you think? Are their any rainbow effects? I have seen some reviews on projectorcentral. Also, does anyone know if these projectores can be mounted upside down on the ceiling and the image inverted? If not, what equivalent projector can do this?



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I'm bumping this old post as I'm curious. Why hasn't anybody mentioned this PJ over here even though it's supposed to approach the quality of it's bigger brother, the HT1000, for a lot less money? I may be able to get one of these from the States (just sold my PJ, so I'm now officially projectorless!) and wanted to know what peoples' first-hand experiences were.

I'm particularly concerned with rainbows, as they do tend to bother me on 1x colour wheels, but with a 3x wheel (Sharp PG-M20X) I'm not too bothered. The 240 has a 2x wheel, but ProjectorCentral says it has proprietary hardware wizardry that helps mitigate the effects of rainbows, and I was wondering what people thought of it in this respect.



Peter Maciw

I think this projector is awesome. Nice bright sharp image with high contrast. The internal scaler appears to be very good as is manages to display a great image and allow full corner correction to allow projecting from the side. No jaggies and I do not see the rainbow effect so thats cool. The projector also has a sealed light unit to prevent dust problems (not sure how important this is). You only need the LT260 if you want the long throw otherwise the light output from the LT240 is enough.

I have been surprised that this projector is not mentioned more on this forum and have said as much in an earlier post.

Peter Parker

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If you're using an HTPC, then I think the differences between them will be greatly reduced.

Of course, with a slower colour wheel, and a white segment, it may increase your chances of seeing rainbows if you're susceptable to them.


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