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Apr 14, 2001
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Check out this .pdf of the up&coming NEC HT1000. Looks like another very interesting HT projector. I especially would like to see the 3000:1 contrast ratio!!

In the US it's rumoured to be around the $5000 mark, so could slot in below the prices for the HD2 projectors and eat away at their markets.

Ian Guinan
Even in normal mode, the cr is 2000:1, which is still excellent for a digital pj.

Lumens are 800:1 in eco mode, so even black level is reasonable.

My DLS8 is 800:1 and the black level is quite acceptable to me. It's better than my local cinemas too. :)

This definately looks like a contender!

Ah now that's a good question. Here's a quick summary of my conversation with the man from NEC:

"Hello, could you give us a release date and pricing on the HT1000 please?"

"What's a HT1000?"

"Erm, it's your new projector.(?)"

"Right, we'll get back to you."

A couple of hours later.....

"Yes, is that Mr. Davies?"

"Yes", for 'tis my name.

"This new HT1000...."


"It's a projector....."

"Yes, I know. I read about it on Projector Central."

"Ooo, could you send us a copy."

"Only if you tell me when we can have stock and a fair idea of what the cost will be."

"Well, we're looking at the back end of this year or the beginning of next."


As you can tell from Projector Centrals preview, they were using a pre production model and shipping in the US is expected in about 6 weeks. This would indicate that it's going to be a while yet before Europe gets a nod.
NEC Scandinavia is well aware of this pj and they said end of October/early November in Sweden. I doubt us swedes will see this machine before you do so you should have it around that time as well.

I hope they will deliver as this pj really seems interesting. An increase in colour speed to 8x and the aperture-option to set lumens level w/o a filter are two really interesting points. XGA + DCDi should also be very good for PAL-material.

Not too sure about the colour wheel as most of the posts seem to just speculate about this ( a lot of talk about archimedes wheels with the DMD chip...) and cite various speeds.

I'd love less rainbows but not if it means I'm hearing more wheel noise (gets higher pitched and noisier with speed).

Ian Guinan
Thanks for the info Ken and Fredrik.
As for the colour wheel the Korean NEC site definately says 6 segment 4x speed which I took to be the same as the Plus Piano and Infocus ls110 ( although it seems they may actually be 6 segment 2xspeed )
man I am so glad I didn't blow 7K on a sharp 9000...
also the new lt240 and lt260 look good with 1300:1 contrast and 2100 lumens on the 260 and 1600 lumens on the 240.

the pdf can be found here.

this is also meant to have a 6x colour wheel with rgbrgb which sounds promising.

and it is already in th UK at around £2500k.

Ivojo have you had a chance to see this up and running ??
Interesting....seem to be a very similar projector but without the onboard Faroudja and without component inputs (only via the VGA port). Seems to suffer in contrast terms but I guess this is in part to the increased brightness.

Also seems to be without the iris (or not mention it) and be pushing the idea of sealed optics (which I don't remember being mentioned for the HT1000?)

Could be a cheaper option for those with scalers already!

Like the man said..has anyone seen one?

Ian Guinan
Ken (Ivojo) has them listed on his site thats why i asked whether he had a chance to have a play with one yet.

the lt240 with 1600 lumens seems to be the same contrast ratio which seems a little strange.
I bet this would have a better black level in real terms though, as contrast is measured from full white to darkest black.
supposed to be quite a bit cheaper too.
We have an LT260 coming in for evaluation tomorrow, I'll let you know how we get on.

The other new machines apparently won't be available in the UK until after Christmas.
cheers Ken , look forward to hearing your opinion.
You may or may not be aware that although this pj is based on a new TI chip, it is a 4:3 not a 16:9 panel, which the new HD2's will be.

btw, Try this superb

pj comparison table for additional info..


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