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NEC DP-1200E

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by squid, Apr 23, 2001.

  1. squid

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    Feb 26, 2001
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    the big uk
    hi guys i am new to home cinema. i have a 32" wscreen tv at the min but am desperate to get my hands on a crt pro :D

    i have seen this projector for sale but it dosn't have a remote . dose it need one to be set up . the bloke selling it says it dose , but i want a second opinion

    i can not travel and there is no where around here that sells anything like this . are there any places on the net that sells cheep crts .

    i whent to crtprojectors.com which is the only place i can find on the net that sells anything in the sub £1000 price bracket . i have had no reply from any of the e-mails sent to them

    i am thinking buying one off ebay in the us but del is a horror

    any replys will be much apriciated

    (just wish i had the dosh to buy what you guys have :( )

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