NEC 6PG and 9PG clones

Nic Rhodes

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Hi Guys

does anyone know which other manufacturers used the NEC chasis for their own CRTs and if so what models...

Like a Runco xxx is a rebadge NEC9PG...




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General Electric produced several projectors based on NEC chassis.

GE Imager 901 is a rebadged NEC 9PG American model

GE Imager 601 is a rebadged NEC 6PG American model

GE Imager 901E is a rebadged NEC 9PG European model

GE Imager 601E is a rebadged NEC 6PG European model

The GE machines often come without the input board which handles composite video and Svideo. the connectors are on the chassis but these projectors normally need to be supplied by individual RGBHV BNC connectors. The 901 models usually come with the optional point convergence board. The 601 models normally come without it.

Nic Rhodes

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Runco DTV-930/933* NEC 6PG Xtra (50Khz scanrate)
Runco IDP-900 NEC 6PG
Runco IDP-900A NEC 6PG Plus
Runco IDP-950 NEC 6PG Xtra (65Khz scanrate)
Runco IDP-980 NEC 6PG Xtra (65Khz scanrate)
Runco IDP-980 Ultra NEC 9PG Xtra
Runco IDP-990 NEC 10PG Xtra

Cool thanks.

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